NOT JUST PICTURES – A life full of photographs and stories.

Limelight Gallery offered the “NOT JUST PICTURES” event to accompany Chris’ book of the same name at Deelenhaus in Paderborn, and many interested people came. The London curator Dave Brolan asked Chris about his career and a very amusing conversation developed, which one could have listened to for hours.

Afterwards, everyone went together to the Limelight Gallery, where some of his works are exhibited, and the evening ended with drinks, nice conversations and many signed books. WDR collected impressions and statements, we are very excited about the report!

Get in touch if you would like to purchase a book or even an original signed fine art print!

More information on the event subpage for Chris Floyd at Deelenhaus Paderborn.


Mick Rock, Michael Zagaris and Bob Gruen now available!
“The right bunch of villains” – this is how legendary Mick Rock describes the photographers in our portfolio. And he is right! We are approaching the Who-is-Who of music photographers with big steps. Besides Neal Preston, Henry Diltz and Jørgen Angel, now Michael Zagaris, Mick Rock, and Bob Gruen are also represented by the Lightpower Collection.
We are proud and thankful to work with these superstars of music photography!



Lori Rubinstein (Behind the Scenes), Andreas Witt (Lightpower Collection), Henry Diltz, Giulia Calani (Lightpower Collection) and Michael Lang

NAMM 2020: Proud as proud can be to welcome the legendary photographer Henry Diltz and Michael Lang, music producer and creator of the Woodstock festival, in our small exhibition on the Behind the Scenes booth. They both signed a picture of Michael in Woodstock, this is going to have a special place in the collection!

January 2020

Picture © Bertelsmann Kai-Uwe Oesterhelweg

The Lightpower Collection going to support Behind the Scenes Charity at NAMM Show 2020 by presenting a great selection of Neal Preston’s pictures. The photographer himself gives us the honor of doing a couple of book signing sessions.
Come on over!

October 2019


EXTENDED! Fashion house Kressmann in Schwerin, Germany, shows our “In the Eye oft he Rock’n’Roll Hurricane“ exhibition until October 17th!

September 2019

Open-air exhibition: The Woodstock Spirit. 50 years Woodstock

With an impressive open-air exhibition featuring large prints by the official Woodstock photographer Henry Diltz and “Rolling Stone” photographer Baron Wolman and a concert programme in the Paderquellgebiet in Paderborn, the “Meinkrüger” in cooperation with the Stadtmuseum and the Lightpower Collection recalls the legendary Woodstock festival 50 years ago.


The Woodstock Spirit – 50 Years of Woodstock – Open-Air Photography Exhibition and Festival in Paderborn, Germany.

July 2019


(Picture: MC Lucky du Plessis of radio 947, host Duncan Riley and the very excited winners of the auction Iveta Čevorová and Maarten Engels of Visual Productions BV)

The SOS Charity Fund, an initiative by DWR Distribution, hosted its bi-annual auction dinner during Mediatech Africa and the Lightpower Collection was delighted to donate a fabulous Freddie Mercury picture by Neal Preston. It raised 32,000 Rand (€ 2,050) for the charity!
Thank you so much DWR Distribution for creating this charity and showing one more time how important it is to support each other.

It’s all about the people!

May 2019


(Picture: Ed Perlstein)

Unique opportunity! The Lightpower Collection offers exclusively this fabulous picture of Chip Monck, taken by official Woodstock photographer Henry Diltz and signed by both!! Chip was the stage lighting designer and Master of Ceremonies at Woodstock – amongst a lot more… The picture is available in 20″x24″ and 16″x20″ in very limited editions. So hurry up!!

February 2019

Picture left: Ralph-Jörg Wezorke, Lori Rubinstein and Paul Vincent (Behind the Scenes) and Neal Preston
Picture right: Carolyn Grant (NAMM), Ralph-Jörg Wezorke, Neal Preston and Joe Lamond (CEO NAMM)

Lightpower donates $ 10,000 each to Behind the Scenes and the NAMM Foundation

After the overwhelming success of the Neal Preston Exhibition at this year’s NAMM Show, Lightpower’s owner Ralph-Jörg Wezorke handed over a donation of $ 10,000 each to both charities. Behind the Scenes takes care of entertainment industry members in need, while the NAMM Foundation works to advance active participation in music making across the lifespan by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs.

January 2019

The Lightpower Collection at The 2019 NAMM Show, 24.-27. January

At The NAMM Show, the Lightpower Collection will present coveted images from Preston’s extensive body of work, featuring more than 50 of his iconic pictures spanning legendary album covers, views behind the scenes, moments that made history – the essence of rock ’n’ roll and concert touring. Limited fine art prints are available and all sales will benefit Behind The Scenes and will also help fund The NAMM Foundation, which works to advance active participation in music making across the lifespan by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs.

November 2018


The Lightpower Collection is proud to be able to donate another £10,000 to Backup – The Technical Entertainment Charity. Since we started to tour the Lightpower Collection in 2014 and donate all income from sales of fine art prints and merchandise to the charities Backup and Behind the Scenes Charity the amount of donation is now more than $110,000!
This would not be possible without the help of friends. In this case a special thank you goes to Ambersphere Solutions, who not only support the Lightpower Collection, but also donate a lot themselves and help to spread the word.
A big thank you also to our PLASA sponsors: PLASA EventsKnight of Illumination AwardsAsteraAyrtonMA Lighting InternationalRobert Juliatzactrack and Julie Harper PR & Marketing.