Ljud, Ljus och Bildmässan in Stockholm

In the Eye of the Rock’n’Roll Hurricane
Extraordinary Photography


The Ljud, Ljus och Bildmässan (LLB) in Stockholm is the largest industry fair in Sweden which brings more than 100 exhibitors and 3500 visitors together.

Many of the visitors stay the whole three days on-site to take their time for all the exhibitors. The Neal Preston exhibition of the Lightpower Collection was an attraction which was gladly visited more than one time. To regard the pictures, to enjoy the atmosphere or to bring a nice souvenir home, like a coffee-table book.

New in the exhibition were showcases in which not only original cameras were displayed but also examples of Neal’s work. Book covers, magazines, DVDs… Neal Preston’s pictures are highly requested – now and then.


Coffee-Table Book about the Lightpower Collection

Coffee-Table Book about the Lightpower Collection
“In the Eye of the Rock’n’Roll Hurricane” – The Photography of Neal Preston.

Pages: 120
Languages: English / German
Format: 25x30cm
Price: 28,00€

The book is published by renowned publisher R|A|P, London